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Build Your Referral Engine™

Generate a Continuous Flow of New Client Opportunities

“Done correctly, networking brings in new business. Done poorly, it is the largest waste of professional time.”
-- Ford Harding, Rain Making

“The art of Networking and building relationships that produce results.”
-- Brandon Hodges
BD Manager

“Everything useful –an energetic delivery & a sense of humor that made the education work.”
-- Marty Josephson
CPA & Founder
Stonefield Josephson

“Common sense info which I can put to use immediately.”
-- Tom Geher
Jeffer, Mangels

“The seminar provides the essentials of focused and profitable client development.”
-- Sam Yegan
Vice President
CitiBank Commercial Banking

“Patrick shows the way to get out of your own way to success.”
-- Mark Goulston, M.D.
“Get Out of Your Own Way”

“Something they should teach at school”
-- Raleigh Waller
Aphorist Capital Resources

“Patrick Henry taught me to focus on the ‘meat’ of every event I attend.”
-- Kimberly Pease
Vice President Sales
Citadel Information, Inc.

“Patrick provides practical networking strategies that you can implement immediately.”
-- Jill Grossbard
J. L. Grossbard & Associates

“Thought I knew the ‘schtik’ – but learned I had the wrong act.”
-- Mark Levinson,
Luce Forward

1. Networking on the Fly Forum
NOF Forum is a three-hour ”experiential” workshop comprised of “centers of influence” from diverse fields - accounting, banking, consulting, finance, investment banking, law, insurance/risk management, et al. The primary goal is to learn how to generate new business connections by networking with a purpose and plan . . . simple-to-apply techniques and tactics. A secondary goal is to build new relationships with those attending who could become new referral sources

2. CEO of Me Inc.
Stand Out & Be Memorable – A two-hour creative work session to build your personal brand and create a personal message that attracts business - to separate yourself from competitors. Create a Discovery Speech that is memorable and that communicates your unique professional competency with clarity and power.

3. Accelerate Productivity New Relationships
Learn Morning-After Phone Call to avoid losing two hours to attend a wasted breakfast or lunch. Master the protocol of the first face-to-face meeting. Accelerate the Confidence Curve, i.e. the time a new relationship produces referrals.

4. Mine Clients and Network for Referrals
Circle of Success – mine your client, internal and external networks to generate new opportunities for you and for your Advocates. Tap into your Current Rolodex by rekindling existing contacts to find potential Advocates for mutual benefit. Stop wasting time when meeting new connections! to identify potential Advocates. Fashion an Organizational Membership Plan to meet higher quality professionals

5. Closing Deals
No one likes to be sold, everyone likes to buy. Networking creates opportunities, i.e. at-bats. Closing skills closes deals, i.e. hitting home runs. Learn to maximize each opportunity with a decision maker by learning to ask questions that leave him/her begging you to be the solution. Create Buyers by stop Telling & Selling.

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