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“A common sense approach to building my referral system for profit.”
-- Paul Wishingrad, Vice President
Credit Suisse First Boston

“This helped me to focus my personal marketing efforts.”
-- Mimi Justice, Principal
Deloitte & Touche

“Very useful - it has me thinking and doing things I had not thought of before.”
-- Neil Rust, Partner
White & Case

“Ignited my sales career – from being a good producer to the top 2% of my firm!”
-- Monica Urquidi, Sales Consultant

“Built my confidence and gave me practical tools for New Business Development.”
-- Donald Farris, Senior V.P.
Bank of America

“The characteristic shared by truly successful people – the ability to create & nurture a network of contacts.”
-- Harvey Mackay, author of
Dig Your Well Before
You’re Thirsty

Professionals need to learn how to
network with a purpose . . .
and a plan to make connections
that will lead to new business!

Hundreds of sales and service professionals have learned how to build a productive network which generates new high-value clients.

Students — including attorneys, bankers, brokers, CPAs, consultants, financial/insurance services and sales executives — are taught to build their Referral Engine - a continuous supply of new client opportunities.

Here's what our curriculum can do for you:

  • Accelerate your career development by building practice development skills. You take control of your career. You generate more revenue for yourself and your firm. You become a "rainmaker!"
  • Increase you ROI - your Return On Investing your most valuable asset: your Professional Time.

You will learn simple, effective business development skills that will improve your results without increasing the time or expense you dedicate to networking activities.

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